Sun Cellular free mobile internet and facebook access

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Free internet for Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers. Please do note however that only 30mb of internet usage is free. Any usage beyond that will be charged. Facebook access is free for the whole day and does not eat up the 30mb allocation of this promo. Watching videos or uploading picture or vidoes however will be charged.

To register , just text FREE to 9999

Promo is until January 5, 2015 only.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , free at plan 2000 promo on Smart

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You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in any of the following plans :

Data plan 999 - cash out of P19,200
Data plan 1500 - cash out of P13,500
Data plan 2000 - cash out of P8,500
Data plan 3000 - free

For a limited time, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be free at Data Plan 2000. This is until October 26, 2014 only.

All-in plan 500 - cash out of P28,000
All-in plan 800 - cash out of P24,800
All-in plan 1200 - cash out of P20,500
All-in plan 1800 - cash out of P17,000
All-in plan 2500 - cash out of P4,000

Smart Bro's Big Byte : consumable mobile internet with unlimited music streaming from spinner

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NameData InclusionPriceText Keyword To 2200Get Online
Big Bytes 20100MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 1 dayPhp 20.00Big Bytes 20Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 30150MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 1 dayPhp 30.00Big Bytes 30Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 50250MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 3 daysPhp 50.00Big Bytes 50Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 100700MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 3 daysPhp 100.00Big Bytes 100Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 1501GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 5 daysPhp 150.00Big Bytes 150Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 1991GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 7 daysPhp 199.00Big Bytes 199Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 3002.1GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 10 daysPhp 300.00Big Bytes 300Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 5003.5GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 15 daysPhp 500.00Big Bytes 500Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 9995GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 30 daysPhp 999.00Big Bytes 999Subscribe Now


Hihey Mobile Magazine is now on Flipboard

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I'm expanding my presence on Flipboard! I will be sharing mobile related articles from different sources here in the Philippines. Flip through Hihey Mobile on

Urbanears Plattan unboxing

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Package includes :
- headphone
- booklet
- L neutral adapter
- sticker
- warranty card

And for P2950 pesos? Totally not worth it. 

Build quality is not great. The 3.5mm connector does not fit my iphone completely thats why i have to rotate the connector until i get a clear sound. 

For that price, you can already get a great soundingf wired headphone from known brands.

Discounted iPad Mini 2 (retina) plus I luckily got a 3,000 pesos worth of freebie from beyond the box Philippines

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We went to Eton Centris yesterday to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. We visited beyond the box store and inquire about iPad Mini. I was choosing between :

16gb iPad mini wifi - 15,490
16gb iPad mini with retina wifi - 20,990
16gb iPad mini with retina wifi + cellular - 26990

I recalled that these variants are cheaper on kimstore by 3000-4000 pesos but when I called them, they only accept straight payments with 6% surcharge. That's weird because if I remember it correctly, i saw from one of their websites that they are now accepting deferred payments with 0% interest. I know one officemate also who just bought one from them using a credit card in installment terms.

Anyway, I opt to buy using deferred payment since I don't have money on hand :P 

Beyond the box told me they currently have  2 promos, 
1) buy now pay later - buy now, installment payments will start 3 months after 
2) discounts for iPad mini retina with wifi and cellular - 3000-4000 pesos discounts (depending on variant) and a chance to win accessories

At first I was looking at the promo #1 since I don't really need a cellular iPad but the promo #2 seems very interesting and hard to pass.

promo is until Oct 31, 2014 only

I chose iPad mini retina wifi+cellular 16gb white and from P26,990 it was brought down to P23,990. Its still about 3000 pesos more expensive than iPad mini retina with wifi only BUT at least I can insert a smart sim card and register for daily free internet. I'll be using it only for Clash of Clans so i guess i'll be saving tons of battery life from my iPhone 5s since i don't need to use my hotspot anymore.

I also won an Urbanears Plattan headphones that is worth P2950. 

Plus it's my labidabs birthday :) What a great night :)

Looks like the Microsoft guys are up to something big

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And because of this tweet, i will be reading windows phone blogs and find some leaks :p

PNY Power-78S power bank review

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PNY Power-728s does not include the yellow green flat lightning cable

I got this power bank from CashCashPinoy for around P1,200 pesos delivered straight to office. The SRP of this power bank is around P1,900 so I saved a fair amount of money with this deal.

Package only comes with a short microUSB cable. No adaptor or socket is included so I use my iPhone 5s' or Nokia Lumia 1020's charging adaptor to charge the power bank straight from electric sockets.

The power bank can charge my iPhone 5s full charge 3 times before being drained completely. Charging the power bank takes a long time, I usually plug the power bank to an electric socket around 11pm and then it becomes fully charged around 7-8am the following morning. You can charge  two device at the same time. I was also able to charge devices via the power bank while also charging the power bank itself (I'm not sure if it a good practice).

Build quality is great. This power bank does not look cheap unlike other brands. It also has this "enough" weight that makes the device feel durable

Update (6/6/2015)
This device is very reliable. I can get 2-3x full charge of my iPhone 5s. The powerbank takes a while to charge though, specially if you are using normal phone adapters.

Update July 2017
This devices is not working anymore. Its been almost 2 years of moderate usage before this powerbank died down. The Pineng powerbank I bought on the other hand is still going strong.


  • Samsung high quality, non-recycled batteries.
  • CE/FCC certification approved.
  • UN38.3 safety requirement compliant.
  • Intelligent LED display indicators.
  • Double protection : on board and cell-pack to prevent overcharge, over voltage, over current and short circuit.
  • Smart power management controller and high efficiency of power conversion.
  • 2 USB output ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
Power-78S: 99x77x23mm
Built in battery
Lithium-ion battery, 3.7V, 7800mAh
USB Input
DC 5V 1A
USB Output
 Power-78S/104S: DC 5V  Total 3.1A Max 
Recharging Time
Power-78S: Around 9 – 11 hrs (via 1A Adaptor)

From PNY Technologies

Sun Cellular TU300 - Unli text to sun 5 hours of calls to Sun, Smart and TnT and 1500 text

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Text Unlimited 300 or TU300 gives you unlimited text messages to fellow Sun Cellular subscribers, additional 5 hours of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk N Text and another 1500 text to other networks.

TU300 is valid for 30 days.

To register, just text

TU300 to 247

0+ Fab Color, Acer Iconia One 7, Acer Iconia A1 and Lenovo Idea tab available on Sun Cellular gadget plans

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The following devices are now added on the selectable tablets on Sun Cellular's Gadget Plan

0+ USA Fab Color - free at plan 350
7", Dual Core, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Dual SIM, 4gb, 5mp main camera

Acer Iconia One 7 - free at plan 450
7", Dual Core, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 8gb, 2mp main camera

Acer Iconia A1 - plan 600 with P1,000 cash out
7.9", Quad Core, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 16gb, 5mp main camera, GPS, 

Lenovo Idea Tab - plan 600 with P1,000 cash out
7", Dual Core, Android 4.2.2, 16gb, 3mp main camera

To check out the Gadget Plans, visit

No alternative for Directr on Windows Phone, yet

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Directr is a great app for creating beautifully crafted but simple videos. It lacks all the powerful video editing qualities of another video creating software but what it provides is an easy way and easy to follow instruction on how to create videos depending on the event or purpose of your short clip. 
It's available on iOS and ive been playing it around on my iPhone 5s for quite sometime. It just sad that i cant do the same with my more imaging/video capable device , my Nokia Lumia 1020, because the software is not available on Windows Phone. Tried searching for some alternatives but i cant find any that is easy to use and at the same time free. And now that Directr is bought by Google , for Yourube, there is a very low chance that this nice app will go to Windows Phone 8.1. 

I hope Nokia / Microsoft come up with a similar app for amateur photographers like me.

Smart Bro dashboard

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Smart introduces Smart Bro dashboard, a web portal for Smart Broadband users to check offers and promos, subscribe to services, check load credits/bills, access smart website, view device settings and many more. Check the demo on the link below


Sun Cellular Regular Plan 450 is P450 per month for up to 101 hours of internet

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SUN Broadband SIM only
 Sun USB Modem   Sun Broadband WiFi Stick   
 Sun Broadband Pocket WiFi

                Polaroid Diamond 7
DeviceSIM OnlyUSB ModemWiFi StickPocket WiFi3G Tablet
Holding PeriodNo holding period
Sun Cellular's Regular Plan 450 gives you 25 hours of free surfing and an additional P450 worth of consumable credits. After you use up the free 25 hours , you will be charged with P1.47/15 mins.

Now doing the math, P450 divided by P1.47 = 306 instances of 15 mins. 306 x 15 mins = 4591 total minutes. Lets convert it in hours. 4591 mins divided by 60 mins/hr = 76 hours and 30 mins. 

So, the plan 450 gives you as much as 101.5 hours of internet. Im not sure if you can also use the consumable credits for texting or calling. I thinks its possible. 

Ill update this post once i confirm that Anti Bill shock is also included in this plan.

Sun Cellular Unli Trio and TriNet- unlimited text to Sun and Smart, unlimited Facebook, and free calls

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PriceKeywordValidityComes with
Unli Trio 20P20UTT202 daysUnlimited texts to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text, Unlimited Facebook
P30UTT303 daysUnlimited texts to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text, 30 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text, Unlimited Facebook
If you don't want to have it for 30 days instead, you can register to Trinet 300. Basically, its just the equivalent of Unli Trio that is for 30 days (1 month).

I don't know why they named it as Trinet 300 instead of Unli Trio 300. Its not even close to the previous Trinet offering of Sun (Sun Cellular Trinet Text, Calls And Combo For P99 And P199)

PriceKeywordValidityComes with
Trinet 300 P300 TRINET30030 days Unlimited texts to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text, 300 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart & Talk 'N Text, Unlimited Facebook

To register, just text the keyword to 247

From Sun Cellular

What is ABSCBN Mobile?

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Heard about this long time ago and until now, even after reading some references, I still don't get how ABSCBN Mobile stacks up against Globe or Smart (and Sun Cellular) in any way. I mean, checking out their offerings on my perspective, I don't see any advantage of being a subscriber of this network aside from being able to access iWant TV ? iWant Txt ? iWant Stars? If you are a die hard fan of ABS CBN artist, people who wants to connect with their idols, this network would probably work for you but for the general public, I don't think so.

Does anyone know if they're running their own network or are they piggy backing with Smart? 

Sun Cellular Unlimited access to Waze for as low as P5

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WAZE5Unlimited access to Waze valid for 1 dayPHP 5.001 day
WAZE30Unlimited access to Waze valid for 7 daysPHP 30.007 days
WAZE99Unlimited access to Waze valid for 30 daysPHP 99.0030 days
Just text the keyword to 247

From Sun Cellular

Xiaomi Mi3 on Globe Prepaid

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Starting July 16, customers purchasing Mi 3 via will get a free Globe Prepaid SIM and free 50MB of mobile data valid for 30 days. To avail of the free mobile data, customers can text FREE1MPS99 to 8888 after SIM activation.

Looks like Globe will be taking advantage of the hype brought by Mi3. And with the positive feedback from the unveiling of Mi 4 , I'm expecting that Globe will also be partnering with Xiaomi to  have it exclusive on their network first after it's release. Imagine, flagship phones that can be offered under Plan 999 ?

Globe Telecom gets first dibs on Xiaomi's Mi 3 with prepaid data bundle offer

How to change safari's default search engine to google, bing or yahoo

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My iPad's default search engine surprisingly is yahoo. Lets admit it, google is still the better search engine thats why i want to use it more than yahoos. I cant stand changing the the search keywords i enter just because i cant find what i want on yahoo's first page so i decided to change my default search engine. 

1. Go to Settings on your iDevice (ipod touch, iphone or ipad)
2. Look for safari and tap it to view settings
3. Look for the search engine settings and tap it.
4. Change it to what ever you like that is selectable

Clash of clans tips : Best TH9 anti-hogs war base

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This is the best anti war base design I've used so far with the town hall level 9 account I'm using. I'll be sticking to this for the mean time. Though I haven't experienced yet being attacked by dragons. But most of my attackers , if not using giants and wizard, is using war hogs so I guess this would be the most practical design as of the moment.

You can also use this as a TH 9 farming base, just move the townhall outside the walls I and replace it with a storage or a piece of wall just to cover the hole in the middle.

Clash of clans tips : How to farm elixir and gold efficiently

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I'd like to share how I do my elixir and gold farming and earn way more than I spend in training troops. I'm currently in town hall level 6. This might be applicable to other levels too but may be hard to pull off on higher TH levels due to more defense structures available for the enemy.

1. Look for enemies with high gold and elixir - the most important thing to consider. I recommend that you target enemies with atleast 150k total converted resources (example 50k gold + 100k elixir or vice versa). It doesn't matter if you need gold more than elixir, the goal here is to get the most number of loot from your attack. (You can always compensate the other resources on your next attack anyway)
2. Look for enemies with gold mines and elixir collectors found outside the base - of course the resources are stored on the storage buildings BUT you also have to remember that until the player collects these resources, they stay on the mine or collector. One thing I noticed is that for example, I came across an enemy with let's say 200k of gold, most of the time I can get half of it from the mines alone.

3. Target only enemy base that your troops can handle. There's no point attacking your troops to a base with lvl 3 3x mortars and 3x wizard tower (and more cannon and tower) and You'll only waste the elixir you've spent on training your troops.

If you have selected an enemy base
4. Plan carefully on how you are going to initiate your attack. You only have I guess 30 secs to decide if you are going to attack an enemy, you can also use this 30 secs to plan for your attack on top of the 2 mins and 30 seconds allotted for the actual attack

5. Lure the clan clastle troops first. Using an archer or barbarian. Attack a structure near the clan castle to lure out the troops. Drop units 1 by 1 until all troops of the enemy comes out. Kill them using a lightning spell or lure them out to an open area far from enemy defense and ambush them using archers or barbarian.

6. Divert mortars attack from the side where the mines and collectors are by dropping giants on another side. This is to prevent the mortar from laying waste a bunch of your small troops in a shot or two.

7. Drop some few giants on the side where the mines and collectors are located. This is to get the attention of the wizard towers, cannons and archer towers to your giants - and away from your "looters".

When I say looters, it could be goblins, archers or barbarians.

8. Drop wall breakers near the mortars. A better plan is to destroy the mortars if you can. This way, your giants can last longer as the the number of defenses attacking them also decreases. Time the wall breakers carefull. You don't want to waste thousands of elixir by dropping a wall breaker only to be killed by the splash damage of the mortars attacking your giants.

9. Once the defenses of the enemy is busy attacking your giants, start dropping your looters near the mines and collectors. Scatter them, in case bombs are planted, your looters won't be wiped out,

10. Don't drop all troops at once. Leave some giants and looters on hand. You save some in case traps caught your first batch. 

This technique proves to be effective for me. I've been using this for quite some time now. Actually right before I wrote this blogpost, I only have 350k'ish golds and 150k'ish elixir. By the time I finish writing this article, I've earned ..... (Check the screenshot below). To give you an idea, it took me around 20-30 mins writing this because I'm using an iPad and is playing on the side.

Clash of clans updated for iOS to 6.186.1

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Clash of clans fans, supercell just outed an update to the game version 6.186.1

The update focuses on balancing hero battles. A few upgrades are also introduce specifically to P.E.K.K.A level 5, Jump spell level 3, Hidden Tesla level 8 and Bomb level 6.

To know more information about the changes, visit the link below

From Supercell

iOS 7.1.2 problems, update at your own risk

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Apple just rolled out a new update to iOS with version 7.1.2.  The update is aiming to solve issues found on 7.1 but it looks like 7.1.2 has it's own set of problems.

The problems
Users are reporting problems about installation of the update. The update is stuck downloading on the device and crashes during installation. Users coming from different versions of iOS 7 is reportedly experiencing the problem so we can say that this problem is not just isolated from one version. 

Quick fix is to hard reset your iPhone or iPad by holding sleep and home button for up to 15 seconds or until the apple logo appears.

Users are also reporting issues with not being able to use their exchange accounts. The battery problem seems to have not been fixed yet too. Rear camera not working and only displaying a blank screen might also be encountered. I've seen also a report about contact information gone missing, I too is experiencing the same issue (this explains why some of my contacts can't be seen on the contacts app but when you access the info from iMessage contact info you can see it). Contact syncing issues and a lot more. 

If you I want to see more problems affecting users who updated to 7.1.2 , you can see it on , just search for 7.1.2 .


iPhone is sending iMessage using email address instead of number (solved)

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It happened to my girl friend's iPhone and it's pretty annoying for the people she is texting with. Imagine that when I text her, my message is received and added on the message thread with her number on and when she replied, i will receive her message but on a seperate thread that has her email address on. So everytime I try to recall what message should i respond, i have to switch to different threads to be sure and have to go back to the thread with her email address on because it is where iMessages are being sent. Otherwise, if i keep sending message using the thread with the phone number, the message is sent as text message and thus i will be charged accordingly.

This problem started when Smart (a telecommunication provider in the philippines she is subscribed) had problems with the mobile internet in their area and since her internet connection is down (I'm on Globe Telecoms by the way) our messages became a normal text message. When the connection is restored, all her message started to come from the her email address instead of the phone number.

I asked her to to check the Settings > Messages and configure it to send via the registered number but the problem is she is being prevented from removing the email address as the message source.

The solution

A quick google revealed that there are times when the apple id and the registered number becomes out of sink (probably due to a number of reason which includes internet connection being removed etc). You can fix this problem by turning off iMessage , and then wait for several seconds to minute before turning on the iMessage again. After turning on the iMessage, the service will be activated first before it could work again (this could take up to a minute or two). This is the phase also of the fix where the apple id is being associated with cellphone number.

Sony Xperia M2 free on Smart All-in Plan 1200 ( Sony Xperia M2 vs Z2 )

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Sony Xperia Z2 is the current flagship phone of Sony and it comes free on Plan 2000 from Smart. If you can't afford to buy it right now, you can still get a trimmed down version which is Xperia M2

What is the difference of Sony Xperia Z2 with M2 ?


  • Both have 3G and LTE
  • Using Micro SIM
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Speaker
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Expandable with Micro SD
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • MicroUSB (USB Host and USB OTG)
  • Accelerometer, proximity and compass
  • GPS


  • Z2 is bigger but thinner
  • M2 is lighter
  • Z2 is dustproof and water resistant
  • Z2 has a larger and more clearer screen (IPS LCD with 1080x1920px on 5.2" screen)
  • Z2 uses Triluminos display and X-reality Engine
  • Z2 is multi touch up to 10 fingers, M2 is only up to 4
  • Z2 has a Shatter proof glass too
  • Z2 supports up to 128gb of micro SD card while M2 is only up to 32gb
  • Z2 has 16gb of internal memory with 3gb of ram, M2 has only 8gb of internal memory and 1gb of ram
  • Z2 has way better camera with 20mp sensor and better optics, M2 has 8mp
  • Z2 can record video with up to 2160p of resolution at 30fps, M2 can only do 1080p
  • Z2 has a better front facing camera with 2.2mp, M2 has VGA
  • Z2 has faster processor
  • Z2 has faster graphics
  • Z2 has Gyroscope and Barometer
  • Z2 has a larger battery

Here is a link from GSM Arena to view the full specification

There is no doubt that Plan 2000 (with Z2) is a better value for money because of the inclusion of services (150 free texts and 150mins of free calls = P1.1k worth ) plus the fact that the Z2 is so much better phone. Just look at the advantages of Z2 over M2 on the list above. For 800 pesos more, you'll get 1.1k worth of cellphone credits plus all of the upgrades Z2 has to offer vs M2.  But going back to my introduction, if you don't need all of the added value and can live with the P205 consumable of All-in Plan 1200, is already enough. Like what I always remind my friends who ask me which device is better, if you can't maximize the feature don't get it. You are just wasting your money for features you don't use.

From Smart

Where to buy Sony Xperia M2 in the Philippines

It's going down, I'm going Tinder - A Tinder app review

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3 weeks ago, a friend (and she's a girl) I'm having a lunch with introduced me to a an app she is using called Tinder.  To put it bluntly, it's a dating app, but tinder describes it as a new way to meet interesting people. Yet, the only way for you to connect with someone using the app is by location and face value*.

It's a match

There's not really much you can do with the app. Tinder is basically a messaging app, and for someone to be able to message another person, they should match first.

How are people matched? 

People are matched if they liked each other. But for that to happen, both people must say that he or she liked the other person. Tinder requires each user to login to using there Facebook account. This is to at least have a certain degree of the user's credibility as a real person. This is where also Tinder gets the picture that it will show on the user's profile. Another information that is being taken is their common friends and interests.

So, its not just a lll about the face? 

Apparently yes, there are thousands of users using Tinder here in the philippines and to shove it all on  your phone is pretty difficult for you to check all. Tinder filter's your possible "matches" depending on the location range and gender you specific, and your common interests that's taken from Facebook*.

Keep playing or send a message

When two people are matched, both are given two option. Keep Playing or Send a Message. Keep playing just lets the user keep on seeing more individuals but person he or she is matched with will now be added to their contacts. They can message them anytime. Send a message will open up a messaging chat box for the users to start chatting. They can still look for potential matches anytime they wished.

At this point, there's nothing you can do much about. Its up to the user how they will interact. Should they add one another on Facebook? or keep talking on topics they are both interested? or probably have coffee or dinner somewhere.

With the recent update,  tinder introduce moments. Sadly, i don't know much about the new feature because I have to delete the app.

If you want to try tinder just go to or search it on your mobile phone's app store.

How to share your location to your friends in real time using Waze

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There are times when you want to share your real time location to your friends, probably because you are on a convoy towards a destination and you wanted to know if the other cars are left behind. There are also times that we just want to make sure our kids or partners reach home safe and sound and knowing where they are anytime is a huge help.

Here is how you can do it using Waze, a map or navigation application created by an Israeli start up and later bought by google.

If you want to share your location in real time
1. From the application, click the tap button found on the lower left of the screen
2. Tap the Send ETA button
3. You will be presented with two options : Share Drive and Send a Location
Share Drive is the option where your location is shared in real time. Even the estimated time of arrival is computed based on how fast you travel and is also shared to your friends who knows the link.
Send a Location is the option where you share your current location only. If you move, or if you change your current location, it will not be shared to your friends automatically.
4. Since we want to share our location real time, you need to select Share Drive
5. You will be presented with 3 ways on how you can share your drive, 1st is you send it using messages (SMS or iMessage) , 2nd is by sending it through email and 3rd is a link where you can copy it and send through other means such as Facebook messenger, viber, whatsapp, post it on your Facebook wall or twitter and more.
Send a Location also uses the 3 ways of sharing
6.  You'll know if you are starting to share your whereabouts once the yellow waze icon with signals is displayed. A number is displayed on that icon depending on the number viewing your location

Use it carefully. Close the application when not in used and share only to people you trust.

How to share location
How to share drive or destination
How to know someones actual location
How to share your location using Waze

New Instagram editing tools and what they do to your pictures

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Instagram add a bunch of new editing tools on top of its original filters in its recent update. User can now edit brightness, sharpness and even highlight the image among others.


Makes photo brighter or darker


Enhances the already bright or darker areas of the photos. Bright areas become even brighter while dark areas become even more darker.

Globe GoSurf99 - P99 for 30 days

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GoSurf 99 will now replace the PowerSurf 99 that was being offered by Globe for a long time. Registering to GoSurf 99 will give you a consumable 100mb of internet bandwidth which is valid for 30 days.

Register to GoSURF 99 for only 99 pesos and stay connected  with 100 MB for 30 days, while listening to music on Spotify Basic, for free.**

Based on :

GoSurf 99 gives user 100mb of data PLUS 1gb of spotify user streaming. Question now is what will happen if youve used up all 1gb of spotify streaming. Will the service stop? Or will it start using up the 100mb consumable data you have?

To register, Just text*

GOSURF 99 to 8888 for postpaid

GOSURF99 to 8888 for prepaid

* take note of the space
** spotify promo is only until june 30, 2014

Important things that Apple announced on WWDC 2014 thats useful for us consumers

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Dr Dre was welcomed to Apple by Craig using the Mac OSX Yosemite's feature that accepts calls and messages from iMessage :)

OSX 10.10 Yosemite

  • New Look - Flat design and translucent panels
  • Notification and Widgets - Today view is added , and you can install third parts apps and widgets to notification
  • Spotlight - you can now launch apps with just first few letters, browse documents (with preview) or search from wikipedia, apple maps, events and contacts
  • Safari - Now has centered url+search bar, added share button (much like from iOS)
  • Mail - made the syncing more reliable, can edit photos form within the mail app, big attachments that can't be accepted by other mail providers are now saved on MailDrop and a link to that file is instead included on the mail's body
  • iCloud Drive - dropbox like storage that sync on every apple device you have (+ windows), you can access the files too through your finder
  • Handoff Syncs - share work for your different apple device, you can start an email from your iPhone and finish it on you Mac
  • AirDrop Mac-to-iOS and vice versa - before you are only allowed to share iOS to iOS or Mac to Mac, now you can share from any apple device you have
  • Instant Hostpost - its now easier to connect to internet using your phone's connection
  • SMS & Phone Calls - you can now also accept phone calls using your Mac
Read more below...