Archos 7o 7" Internet tablet - this is not a phone unlike galaxy tab

Slim and light Android™ internet tablet
At home and on the go. The slim and light design of the ARCHOS 70 internet tablet makes it both portable and generous for sharing your best moments with your family and friends. All the functions of a computer: your apps, the Internet, your photos, music and videos, eBooks and 3D games.

Running on Android 2.2 (froyo) with 1ghz Arm Cortex A8 with DSP processor, this device is rated at 36 hrs music or 7 hours video playback or 10hrs web surfing. This model has two variants, flash and HDD variant. The difference between the two is that the flash version has only 8gb of flash storage (but hey its SSD so its fast and durable compared to HDD) with expandable micro SDHC slot , while HDD version uses a 2.5" hdd with 250 gb of storage (HDD version is also thicker and heavier).

Of course, Android applications run on archos 7o.

Has 7" capacitive touchscreen that supports multi touch gestures. With 800 x 480 px of screen resolution, 16:9 widescreen which is perfect for HD videos. Since its 800px wide, most web pages does not need zooming in or out to fully view pages from side to side. Although scrolling up and down would still be needed depending on the vertical length of the webpages.

Connectivity - very important
This device only offers bluetooth and wifi as connectivity options. Although wifi can already be found anywhere around the city here in Manila and some other parts of the country, sometimes these wifi providers charges expensively. Also, there would be times where in wifi connection is not available like when travelling. A workaround here is to use your 3g phones as a modem for Archos 7o, or you can purchase mobile wifi access points such as Huawei e5 or globe MyFi. And because this is an internet tablet, it is most likely that there will be a variant of archos 7o with 3g support.

Another cool feature also of this tablet is the ability to play movies or songs stored on shared folders of other computer via Samba (a ftp/shared folder equivalent of file sharing/shared folder of linux OSes). I believe this feature is available only on the 2nd operating system install on archos 7o which is angstrom. 

By the way, this devices is dual booting angstrom and android.

Thin and light
If you are familiar with samsung's galaxy tab, you know that its already thin and light, but to give you an idea Archos 7o internet tablet is even thiner and lighter by 21% and 16% respectively. Of course durability is not compromised thanks to patented process of plastic overmolding developed by Archos.

Useful Extras
Built in table stand

Here is the complete technical specs of Android 7o it


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