Pineng PN-968 10000mAh Power Bank with LCD and Led Flashlight

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I need an additional powerbank for my upcoming trip next week. I currently have a PNY Power-78s , its a 7800mAh power bank but its not enough to charge my devices whenever I'm in transit. I usually bring my iPad Mini 2 LTE , Nokia Lumia 1020 as my camera and my trusty Apple iPhone 5s.

Original Packaging
Been looking around for a good brands that are :
- not very expensive
- high capacity
- safe
- stylish

My research results to the following known brands - Bavin, Romoss, Pineng, PNY , Yoobao. These are all high quality brands but what Pineng PN-968 sets apart from the others are the features.

The only contents are the powerbank itself , microUSB cord, and manual
Pineng has a built-in  microcontroller that makes it more efficient, convenient and safe.

  • It maintains a constant voltage in output
  • has over voltage protection
  • has short circuit protection
  • optimized hardware and software for efficient battery operations
Aside from that, it also has a built in LCD display that has host of indicators that will tell you whats going on with the power bank. You dont have to rely on led lights showing the percentage of remaining battery and what not. The actual remaining capacity is displayed in NUMBERS and is updated real time.

The LCD can also show you which of the outputs are currently working and on what voltage and amperes.

This side is where you can see the input and output slot, the LED flashlight and the LCD indicator
You can also charge devices using your power bank, while your power bank is being charged from a wall socket. The built in LED flashlight may also come in hand at times.

It also charge faster compared to Romoss powerbanks.

So in summary , I ordered Pineng PN-968 because :

  • Stylish (you can choose between white+gray or white+orange)
  • Feature packed
  • Convenient
  • Fast charging
  • and inexpensive

According to Lazada, its a P2,200.00 worth of device that just cost now P848.00. I bought two because my friend also wants to buy one. Since we bought it from Lazada and we reached the P1500 total invoice price, I can use the code LZDAPP250 to have a P250 discount. We got it via Cash on Delivery. Ordered it yesterday afternoon and I got it today before lunch.

I'm happy. Will update this post as i use the device.

Xiaomi Mi Pad on Sun Cellular for as low as P699 monthly

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Sun Cellular is offering Xiaomi Mi Pad for only P449 monthly on top of any postpaid plans. For comparison, Mi Pad at lazada is being sold for P10,999 (its the only official seller of Mi Pad as of this writing). That translates to P695 monthly for 24 months (using BDO or RCBC credit cards), which means you will be able to save a hundred pesos if you get the Mi Pad from Sun cellular.

But the fact that it should be included on any postpaid plan (as no prepaid kit is available yet) means you will be shelling out more money monthly. Yet, that doesn't mean its not a practice choice (continue reading)
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That being said, if you plan on connecting the device to a mobile internet service, getting it from Sun Cellular would be a better choice, since aside from being offered in 24 monthly installment, you are already subscribed to an internet service.

But if you plan on using only the device to connect on a wifi hotspot (wifi at home, office or if you already have a personal hotspot) and buying it in CASH - the better choice would be from Lazada. Getting the Mi Pad in installment payments is still better at Sun Cellular since you just need to add P50 and you already have the basic internet service you need

What does the P699 monthly includes ?

699 pesos monthly includes the Mi Pad at P449/month + P250/month postpaid plan.

Plan 250 has 700mb of  mobile internet usage. If you consume more than 700mb in a month, that will be charged on top of your plan at P5.00 ever 10 mb which i think is pretty expensive for bucket charging.

I suggest you just get the Plan 350 as its more cost effective.
image from sun cellular

If you want to know more about the plans being offered with Mi Pad, head on over to

How to watch Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight on May 2015 using mobile internet live streaming

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I've got an out of town trip on May 1-3, 2015 but I don't want to be left behind when it comes to Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout. I did some research and found out that only Smart and Sun Cellular offers live streaming on mobile phones. Good news is that my iPad Mini 2 LTE is using a smart SIM card although it would be better if globe also offers the same service on my iPhone 5s. THE BAD NEWS though is that this service is only applicable to Android devices! I don't have any android gadget except for the tiny Lenovo phone we bought for our mom. Sucks! Sorry fellow iOS users -.-

image taken from

Note : For android devices only
Pricing is P499 if you register before on or before April 26, 2015. Beyond that date, you will be paying the full price of P999

How to register
Registration is same for both Sun Cellular and Smart :
1. Download the Viewstream app from Google play
2. Open the Viewstream app and sign up
3. Look for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather "Battle for greatness" and subscribe
4. The rate or cost of subscription will appear . Click Get SMS Code. This will be used in confirming the subscription to the viewstream event
5. You will receive the code via SMS/Text. Type that code on the Subscribe page on the ViewStream
6. You will then receive a confirmation on the subscription and and deduction of balance from your account.

Sun Cellular

Why can I select specific songs to play on Free Spotify for tablet and not on Free Spotify for mobile ?

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Anybody else here who noticed that even on free accounts, one can choose the specific song (from each playlist)you want to play on a tablet compared to when using spotify on mobile phones? 
Look at my iPad's screenshot above, you can see that the songs are displayed in white. They can be tapped and played. You can play the songs you want without using up all the "skips" available for free accounts. Where as on my iPhone's spotify (using the same account), you can see that the songs are in gray and can't be tapped. What you can do instead is play the whole playlist in shuffle mode and use next track/skip tracked and hope that the song you want to play will be next on the queue before using up all the free skips.
At first inthought it was a bug, but i decided to search for clues or information if spotify for tablets are intended to behave that way.

According to

"on mobile, you can listen to artists, albums, and playlist in shuffle mode. On your tablet, you can play any song you want, anytime you like."

If I understand correctly, this explains why we are allowed to play specific songs on our tablets. This means spotify for tablet are better to than the mobile version. The same reason why as much as possible, i use my tablet for spotify. 

Sun Cellular free mobile internet and facebook access

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Free internet for Sun Cellular prepaid subscribers. Please do note however that only 30mb of internet usage is free. Any usage beyond that will be charged. Facebook access is free for the whole day and does not eat up the 30mb allocation of this promo. Watching videos or uploading picture or vidoes however will be charged.

To register , just text FREE to 9999

Promo is until January 5, 2015 only.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , free at plan 2000 promo on Smart

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You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in any of the following plans :

Data plan 999 - cash out of P19,200
Data plan 1500 - cash out of P13,500
Data plan 2000 - cash out of P8,500
Data plan 3000 - free

For a limited time, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be free at Data Plan 2000. This is until October 26, 2014 only.

All-in plan 500 - cash out of P28,000
All-in plan 800 - cash out of P24,800
All-in plan 1200 - cash out of P20,500
All-in plan 1800 - cash out of P17,000
All-in plan 2500 - cash out of P4,000

Smart Bro's Big Byte : consumable mobile internet with unlimited music streaming from spinner

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Big Bytes 50250MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 3 daysPhp 50.00Big Bytes 50Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 100700MB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 3 daysPhp 100.00Big Bytes 100Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 1501GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 5 daysPhp 150.00Big Bytes 150Subscribe Now
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Big Bytes 5003.5GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 15 daysPhp 500.00Big Bytes 500Subscribe Now
Big Bytes 9995GB plus unlimited music streaming from Spinnr, all valid for 30 daysPhp 999.00Big Bytes 999Subscribe Now