Mobile internet settings for globe , sun cellular and smart

This post will only list down the settings for each mobile internet service provider.
User must know how to create access points on their mobile phones. Instruction on how to create access points can be found on your phone's user manual.
update: Added a tutorial on how to add access point for Nokia/Symbian/S^3 phones
Leave the settings to default unless value is specified on this post.

Image taken from globe site

Globe Prepaid
Connection name: Globe Inet
Access point name:

Globe Postpaid
Connection name: Globe Internet
Access point name:

Alternatively, you can just text GO and send to 2951 to download the settings automatically.

For old Globe SIM cards (non-tattoo), mobile internet activation may be required. Contact the nearest Globe Service Center/Shop for more information.


Sun Cellular Prepaid & Postpaid
Connection name: Sun INTERNET
Access point name: minternet

You can also get the settings on Sun's Phone Configuration Guide website.

Activation of mobile internet is required for sun cellular phones
You can activate by
1. Texting a code ACTIVATE and sending it to 2300 , or
2. Call 200 using your Sun phone or 395-8000 via landline


Smart Prepaid 
Connection name: SMARTGPRS
Access point name: smart1

Smart Postpaid 
Connection name: SMARTGPRS
Access point name: internet

Alternatively, you can just text SET and send to 211. An SMS will be sent to you for the instructions along with the settings. Save the configuration settings. Key in 1234 for PIN when prompted.

Update: You can now use web to active your phone's internet connection..

  1. Register and log-in to my.Smart. Registration is FREE.
  2. Once logged-in, link your Smart mobile number to your my.Smart account.
  3. Once linked, click the "Manage" option beside the account you want to have the settings activated.
  4. Select SERVICES from the left menu.
  5. Click MMS/GPRS/3G Activation to activate service

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