How to remove followers without blocking them on Instagram

Privacy Problems

Sometimes, Instagram users with public profiles wants to turn their account to private. This is when users wants to make their account more personal, meaning what the user follows really interests that user and also making sure that he only able to share instagram pictures to people he wanted to share with.

Remove Followers

Instagram has an option to turn your photos into private photos. Problem solved? Not yet, since the user may have existing followers he really doesn't know personally, even worse - spammers. Luckily Instagram also provides the facility for users to block other users. But you don't want to block everyone on your list. There maybe some that you just wanted to disconnect with, temporarily, for what ever reason is. check the procedure below

Block them and then Unblock

Actually the steps you need to do to remove a follower involves blocking the user (but its just part of the step), but you will not be blocking them forever. Here is how to remove followers after you've set your settings to Private :

1. Go to your followers list
2. Select the follower you want to remove and open its profile

3. On the upper right corner of the app, there is an arrow like button. Tap that

4. A menu containing Block user, Report for spam, and cancel will appear. Tap Block User.

5. Confirm the action. The user will now be blocked.
6. Tap again the arrow like button,a menu will appear again but this time Tap Unblock User
7. Confirm the action. The user will now be unblocked.

You can head over to your followers list and verify that the user is now remove from your followers. Plus, that user is not blocked on your account so he can still follow you or search for your account in the future.

*You have to do this on each follower you want to remove

If you want to know How to delete instagram followers or How to delete followers on instagram or How to remove followers on instagram and don't care even if they're blocked, just follow the steps above and stop at unblocking of user.

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