How to take beautiful macro shots using Nokia N8

Taking a macro photography with nokia n8 is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose the Macro settings and then shoot your objects in focus. BUT, globeinfiniti knows a technique to capture even better macro pics that he/she shares in his/her blog. Been using this trick since i learned it.

Learn how to take beautiful macro shots as illustrated by globeinfiniti

1. Open the camera application of your Nokia N8 and select the Macro Mode then point on the subject that you want to capture. Make sure that the subject is as close as possible at a distance of 10-60 cm.
2. Hold and half-press the camera shutter key. Make sure to keep your finger holding the camera shutter key half-pressed without releasing it. When the subject you're pointing to is at a distance of 10-60 cm, the green-rectangle autofocus indicator will display and locks in the center view.
3. Then, while still holding the camera shutter key half-pressed pointing at the subject, move the Nokia N8 sideward, left or right without changing its angle so that the subject will be placed at the side of the camera view.
4. Now, continue pressing the camera shutter key to captured the subject. Avoid shaking your hands, hold the camera very still to maintain the quality of picture. Done! :-)

Check out globeinfiniti's blog to learn more about the technique
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