Load up your love ones' globe phone internationally with MoneyGram

MoneyGram – The Quick* Way to Load a Globe Prepaid & TM Cellphone
Affordable - Pay only $2.25 to load a Globe Prepaid or TM Cellphone.
Flexible - Choose the amount you load... $7.25, $12.00 or $24.00 USD.
Confirmed - Your loved ones receive a text message confirming the amount loaded.
Convenient - Load at thousands of U.S. MoneyGram agent locations near you.
Here is the simple steps to use MoneyGram to load globe phones:
1. Find any MoneyGram agent location near you by calling 1-800-926-9400 or clicking www.moneygram.com
2. Complete the ExpressPayment® service Blue Form or pickup the MoneyGram phone.
3. Choose your load amount (USD)
PHP300 Plan
$7.25† - Receive Code 6571

PHP500 Plan
$12.00† - Receive Code 7683

PHP1000 Plan
$24.00† - Receive Code 7684

4. Use country code 63 plus the 10-digit Globe Prepaid or TM Cellphone number you are loading as the Account Number. (Example: 639051234567)
5. Load their cell phone for just a $2.25 fee.

From MoneyGram

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