Smart's twitter SMS , P1/tweet, P5/20 tweets, P20/120 tweets

For only P5/day, users can receive upto (30 tweets) from people they follow, valid for 2 days. P20 is charged to the user to receive (120 tweets) from people they follow, valid for 3 days .

Description of Service Keyword Tariff
Activate Mobile twitter TWIT ON 2.50/txt
Post Twit TWIT <message> 1.00/txt
Follow A Friend TWIT FOLLOW <name> 2.50/txt
For direct messages D <twitter username> <message> P1.00/txt
For @messages @ <twitter username> <message> P1.00/txt
Receive 30 feeds TWIT 5 5.00/30 tweets
Receive 120 feeds TWIT 20 20.00/120 tweets

User needs to register first at . This website will be used to manage people to follow on mobile.

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