SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel stylish rugged iPhone case

Our latest generation of protection solution for your iPhone 3G / 3GS.
With the release of CapsuleRebel™ being a huge success, we though it was just about time to offer you a little something extra. Introducing CapsuleRebel M™ with its unique specially coated, ergonomic spine structure and its awesome menacing looks, we think CapsuleRebel M™ has truly raised the bar in case design.

UltraFrame™ hard protection system
Unique mix material Ultra Hybrid design
Revolutionary special material ADSP to protect the delicate finish or your iPhone
Complete protection for your iPhone

Read more to see the pictures for iPhone 4 and 3g/3gs

Iphone 4

Iphone 3g/3gs

This cases retails for around P1,300 - P1,600 here in the philippines.

From SwitchEasy

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