Why Android won't work for Nokia

Speculations of Nokia jumping ship to android is quickly propagating throughout the internet because of Stephen Elop's corporate memo. Well, i still have some few reasons why that would happen. Check out the list below.

Image taken from paintatwork.wordpress.com

1. Android would make Nokia just a handset manufacturer. Just a handset manufacturer means, aside from operating system consideration, if ever a customer chooses to buy an android device that customer is still yet to choose between several android manufacturers - Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC, Acer, Asus, Dell, etc etc
2. Nokia already spent billions for dollars through software development and acquisitions - remember NavTeq - the heart of ovi maps. If they go with android, they have to choose between using ovi maps or the google maps which is tightly coupled with android.
3. Nokia spent millions of dollars in research and patents, just imagine what will happen to those if they jump ship.
4. Ovi application developers will be left out. Credibility of Nokia will diminish if that happens.
5. Any OS related innovation that the R&D department of nokia will clearly go to android, 'less they create their own version and start everything from there.

Another point to consider is that Android is facing a number of lawsuits:
1. Oracle sued Google for patent and copyright infringement of java codes
2. Microsoft sues motorola, indirectly hitting android

We'll know it by MWC 2011.

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