Check dead pixels on Windows Phone 7 devices with Pixel Checkup

This application comes in handy when you are planning to buy a Windows Phone 7 handset and you want to make sure that your phone's display is problem free.

Pixel Checkup is a utility for Windows Phone 7 that helps you find and track dead pixels and other minor screen damage on your phone. It fills the screen with either red, green, blue, white, black, or alternating colors. This makes it easier to notice certain types of damage which may only be visible when a certain color is displayed.
In addition, you can touch the screen to place markers when you find a dead pixel. The marker is saved, so you can go back and check if the damage has spread to other adjacent pixels, or to show the damage to your local service station.

If you have a zune client installed on you PC and want to try this software out, just click the link below.
Pixel Checker

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