First look with iOS 4.3 beta

iOS 4.3 is next iteration of updates for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch device. Currently it is still in beta version and is only available to developers and not to general public.

What to expect
- You can now decide if the switch on the side of the iPad will act as a mute switch or a switch to disable auto-rotation of display
- Support for 4-5 finger gestures, and the ability to turn on or off these gestures
-- Swipe to side with 4-5 fingers switches to other running application
-- Pinch 4-5 fingers to close the current opened app and return to home screen
-- Swipe up with 4-5 fingers to open up the multitasking bar

- Personal hotspot, share your 3g connection with other devices using iPhone's built it wifi
- Set frequency of message alert tone up to 10x
- Screenshot sound effect is new

Check out the video below fron CNet

From Apple

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