Get Facebook credits using Smart mobile phones

With MOL (Money Online), you can get MOL points using Smart mobile phones and then convert your MOL points to Facebook Credits that you can use on different participating games on facebook.

How to use

Just log in to your MOL Account, click on “View My Member Page”, as well as “Buy Facebook Credits” and you’re on your way! To download 15 MOL Pts for P30.00

text GET MOL15 to 5333.

Get MOL Points Using Your Smart Mobile Phone! Convert 5 Pts for FACEBOOK CREDITS!

Text all keywords to 5333:

GET MOL5Download 5 ptsP10.00
GET MOL10Download 10 ptsP20.00
GET MOL15Download 15 ptsP30.00
GET MOL20Download 20 ptsP40.00

Example: Text GET MOL10 to 5333

Visit to convert your MOL points to Facebook Credits.

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