Nokia E7 vs HTC Desire Z, the better QWERTY smartphone

All about symbian compiled a list of  smartphone features and made Nokia E7 and HTC Desire Z go head to head to see which one is a better smartphone.

From the table below, the Nokia E7 won with 8 over 6 points from Desire Z. There is a problem though with this result. First, the website is all about symbian, and although they're not (i'm not sure) biased with Symbian powered phones,  that will always be a concern when it comes to comparisons. 2nd is the term smartphone, and since the definition of smartphone varies from person to person, some features (such as operating system and interface, messaging and email, and picture and video quality)   might have different  from different reviewers.

To see the detailed comparison, head on to All about symbian.

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