Promo: Blackberry Curve 9300 free at plan 999 - exclusive to facebook fans

Globe's blackberry love deals is over but they're bringing back another way for us to obtain a BlackBerry Curve 9300 for free again at Plan 999

This promo is "exclusive only to facebook fans" (not that really exclusive since its fairly easy to become a facebook fan haha).

Get your phone with these easy steps

1. Completely fill out application form at
2. Scan application form, Proof of ID & Billing (e.g. valid Driver’s license), Proof of Financial Capacity (e.g. valid credit card)
3. Send the supporting documents to
4. A Globe representative will email and/or call you within 2-3 days.

Current Globe Postpaid subscribers need only a Valid ID/Credit Card. Non-Globe subscribers without a credit card need an ID, Proof of Billing, and Financial Docs.

This promo is for 30 months lock up period.

Promo until March 15, 2011 only

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