Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" Price, Pictures, Video Demo, Package contents, Size Comparison and First hand experience


A friend of mine bought his Galaxy Tab yesterday for only P22,000.00 from Power Telecom. The original price of Galaxy Tab 7" here in the Philippines is around 31k-35k and now its already down to as low as P19,000.00 on several stores already.

The 22k price also comes with a free bluetooth headset ( i forgot to ask if its a bluetooth headphone or a headset) and is yet to be claimed once a stock arrives.

Package Contents
The retail package here in the Philippines includes a warranty card, quick start guide, wired earphones, charger, 2 mini cds (1 is the installer of samsung kies - software updater, I forgot the other one) and of course the Galaxy Tab itself .

Galaxy Tab 7" is thin but not thinner than iPad/iPhone or iPod Touch. About the same thickness as my Nokia N8.

White Galaxy Tab
My friend wasn't able to choose from other colors because only the white variant has an available stock. The white black panel is made in glossy plastic so its very prone to scratches and dirt smudges. It will not hurt to spend a few hundreds to thousand pesos to buy a leather case to protect this device.

NTC seal can be found on the left side of the device. Seeing this label ensures you that the Galaxy Tab you bought is not a gray market unit, and therefore is eligible for local supplier/manufacturer warranty.

As you can see from the picture above, the galaxy tab is almost 3x the size of Apple iPhone 3gs and Nokia E72. It's easier to bring than iPad and other tablet because its smaller, but still not as convenient or portable or pocketable as our typical mobile phones.

Galaxy Tab has two cameras, 1 on the back and 1 infront. The camera on the back is 3.2mp with LED flash while the one on front has only 1.3mp resolution. I don't think you would be using galaxy tab as a camera anyway, since its too big and awkward to be used as a camera. Although the large screen makes it easier to change camera settings compared to smaller mobile phones.

Galaxy Tab uses Google's Android 2.2 Froyo as its operating system. Newer versions of Galaxy Tab uses the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb which is a similar Android operating system but is designed entirely for tablets.

Please don't mind the conversation. Some doesn't even makes sense. :P

Movie Playing Test

Fun to watch movies with, because of its large 7" screen.
Screen auto-rotates depending the orientation of the device.
We had a hard time trying to leave the movie screen once the display is locked. We tried holding the lock icon on the screen, the 4 soft touch buttons below, but accidentally realize that its the power button that works as the unlock trigger.
Movie continues from the part when you leave the movie screen if you go back to the same movie.

You can install other browser and you will always be ask what browser to use until you configured a default one.
YouTube website uses a tablet version

Websites looks the same as desktop version.
Flash video plays with the native android browsers.
Browser has kinetic scrolling, and pinch to zoom

Other important things
You can call using Galaxy Tab 7".
It is advisable that you use headphone (wired or wireless) when you make call. Holding the device to ear is tiring.
Virtual QWERTY keypad is easier to type because of larger keys. It would be better if haptic feedback is also implemented.


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