Case manufacturers having issues with white iPhone 4

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white iphone is ticker than than black iphone by few millimeters 

Case manufacturers will now have to support 4 different physical configuration of the iPhone 4 , and iPhone 4 owners on the other hand needs to select the proper accessory for their iPhone.
the CDMA iPhone 4 has moved some buttons and switch'
position from the original iPhone 4
we have

  • Black iPhone 4 - this is the original iPhone 4
  • White iPhone 4 - the white iPhone recently launched, with thicker dimension which needs larger cases
  • Black CDMA iPhone 4 (verizon iPhone) - same thickness with the original iPhone 4 but has re-positioned buttons, switch and headphone jack
  • White CDMA iPhone 4 (verizon iPhone) - same re-positioned switch, buttons and headphone jack with the black CDMA iPhone 5 but can't use the same case because this should be thicker than the black CDMA iPhone 4 since it is white

.. and even headphone jack position

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