Smart Bro's internet per minute charging

This is similar to Globe's PowerSurf 15. You get minute by the minute charging meaning, as long as there still remaining hours or minutes on the registered package, reconnecting and disconnecting will not be charged as different transactions.

This is for Smart Broadband subscribers only. Not applicable to Smart Mobile (prepaid and postpaid)

PackagePriceNo. of
PER MINUTE 60P603 hoursP0.33/min2 daysMINUTE 60
PER MINUTE 100P1005 hoursP0.33/min4 daysMINUTE 100
PER MINUTE 150P1507.5 hoursP0.33/min7 daysMINUTE 15

Text the keyword to 2200
example: MINUTE 60 to 2200

From Smart Bro

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