Smartphone vs Cellphone (ordinary phones/dumbphones) infographic

I found an interested infographic from smart's facebook page that differentiates smartphones and ordinary phones (or dumbphones).

Although this infographic misses the gray area between cellphones and smartphones, the "feature phones". '
Feature phone is a term used to describe a low-end mobile phone that has less computing ability than a smartphone, but more capability than a "dumb phone" - wikipedia
Basically, feature phones, like dumbphones, can do ordinary phone functions such as calling  or texting and also offers the ability to install apps, play games and access the internet but has lesser functionality than smartphones. Good example are Symbian s40 phones such as Nokia 5310 xpressmusic, Nokia C3 etc.

Another question for me is that smartphones have operating system, then what do they call the software that runs the cellphone's call, sms, mms, and email functionality? Isn't it also a operating system? or it better fits "firmware" as a category?

Let me know what you think.

From Smart Facebook Page

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