SoundSnap - take pictures on iPhone/iPod using sound

SoundSnap is a simple camera app that lets you take pictures by detecting any sound you make! Simply tap, speak or make any sound into the built-in microphone and SoundSnap will quickly snap a picture! Better yet make use of your earphone headset or Bluetooth headset as a remote!

Tap, speak or make any sound to snap a photo!
SoundSnap is a fully featured camera app.

Adjust the sensitivity of the sound detection.
Optimize the app for quiet or noisy environments.

Use your headset as a remote cable release.
Connect your headset to your iPhone to use it as a remote release cable.

Use Bluetooth headset as your wireless remote.
Speak, make a sound or tap your Bluetooth Mic to take a picture!

Stealth Mode
For those times when discretion is needed.

Timer mode
Give youeself time to perfect your pose before taking that photo.

Compatible with iPhone® 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod® Touch (4th Generation). Developed for iOS 4.0 and above.
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From Black Arc Studios

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