Nokia Media launch of two Dual SIM phones (Nokia X1-01 and C2-00) at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2 , Priced at P1.9-2.9k

I recently attended an even from Nokia featuring two new mobile phones, the Nokia X1-01 and C2-00. (Ok I admit, my hunch was wrong). Anyhow, the event was held at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2 around 6:30pm onwards  today (June 9, 2011). They had a contest where in the first 20 will get to have the chance to swap 2 of their old mobile phones for a brand new Nokia phone. Unfortunately, I didn't make it.  Rumor is it that there where already some people waiting as early as 2pm (exaggerated). I don't know :P
This is the two new Dual SIM phones from Nokia.
Ruby Rodriguez and Petite hosted the event with special guesting of Vic Sotto.
The two new phones, unlike the previous dual SIM phone C1-00, these two phones is a REAL DUAL SIM phone. User is not required to restart phone in order to switch to the other SIM card. Perfect term would be dual standby. The C2 even provides user easy swapping of SIM cards, meaning you can remove the existing SIM cards and replace it with another one with having to turn on/off the device to take effect

A lot of prizes where given away, and we even receive some bye bye token of gratitude from Nokia. (what is it? secret :P)

Here is a short introduction of the devices

Nokia also made us guess the price of the repective device, seeing the built and the look, I estimated that Nokia X1-01 will be P4,500.00 while C2-00 will be P3,500.00. I'm shocked to hear that they will be selling the unit at the price below.

Nokia X1-01 SRP P1,990.00
Nokia C2-00 SRP P2,990.00

Pretty cost effective.

More pictures below

Camera men from TV5 and GMA7 preparing their equipment
Media and bloggers already seated and waiting for the start of the event
Everyone eating their dinner , buffet style at spicy fingers
Ruby Rodriguez and Petite hosting the event. Double the size, double the fun :) 
We are seated on the 2nd floor. Behind me are other media men.
Mark of is also with us on the event
Game Portion, Pinoy Henyo for the win!
Bossing arrived, endorsing the two new Dual SIM phones from Nokia.
left to right: Ruby Rodriguez, "Bossing" Vic Sotto, & Petite
Bossing announcing the winners of the raffle promo, items given where Nokia X1-01, C2-00, C6-01, I forgot the others

Nokia C2-00 commercial preview

Nokia X1-01 commercial preview
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