Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini stick for Globe's fastest 4g internet up to 10mbps

You can now experience super fast wireless broadband with Globe's newest Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini stick that supports the latest upgrade Globe did to its wireless network (upgraded 4g). It may not be as fast as Smart's LTE but its surely fast as any other average wireless broadband available in the country.

The problem now is that you'll be consuming the daily 800mb limit imposed by globe faster.

Read below more details

Harnessing the latest improvements in its mobile broadband network and service, the Globe-powered internet brand Tattoo introduces its faster speeds for all of its new and existing postpaid customers. So whether you’re just planning to get Tattooed or you’re already on a plan using a Tattoo Superstick, a Tattoo MyFi or a Tattoo USB stick, you are in luck because Tattoo is amping up your internet speed at no additional charge.
For as low as P 999 a month, you can surf all you want at up to 3Mbps versus the original plan speed of 2Mbps; you can even get the Tattoo MyFi for just a spare P 100 per month versus the previous price of P 149 a month.

If you want your Tattoo Superstick, it’s just P1299 a month and your 3Mbps plan will get bumped up to 5 Mbps – that’s as much as 2Mbps more than ever before. And the master of all Tattoo offers is the brand-new Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini stick, which uses topnotch 4G technology to ramp up your speed to a blazing 10Mbps, faster than any broadband stick out there, to get you downloading, gaming and streaming your favorite online content in a flash. Whichever Tattoo subscription you pick, you can enjoy 200 free texts per month plus one month of McAfee virus protection for your PC. If you’re already Tattoo-connected on the 999 or 1299 plans, these speed boosts will kick in on June 6, so brace yourself for a whole new experience.

Only Tattoo gets it done with the some of the fastest plans out there for your broadband stick. The most preferred broadband brand just got better, giving you all you want to feed your need for speed.
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