Facebook for Globe and Smart free for 90 days [tried on globe not free]

If you access Facebook using a mobile device, chances are you will be seeing a page similar to this. Now, while Sun Cellular has 0.facebook.com for quite sometime already, facebook is claiming that Smart and Globe subscribers too can enjoy free facebook access by downloading a java app(previously snaptu) from them.

Bummer, tried it earlier on my Nokia N8 (java enabled phone) using Globe as service provider. My load has been deducted by 5 pesos (i'm on prepaid by the way). Confused, i tried searching for answers on the internet while on the move. Found a post from CTB.

Here is what Globe told CTB

Hi! We don't offer a free access to Facebook. We have a recent promo which ended last June 30, 2011 Super Facebook. You can register to SuperSurf to access the internet and social sites like Facebook: SUPERSURF gives you unlimited access to the Internet.

I saw the webpage you sent. Thank you for bringing this up. The promo you mentioned is not official. Globe promotions are announced and made known to the public through advertisements such as print-ads in major daily newspapers, posters in our Business Centers and authorized dealers, radio and television advertisements, letters or text broadcasts. DTI authority oversees any promo that Globe Telecom may have. Thank you.
Read more: http://www.cebutechblogger.com/2011/07/bummer-globe-telecom-dont-offer-free.html
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Update: I tried using Myglobe connect settings but the java application wasnt able to connect o internet. (source: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/freewares/smart-globe-offers-facebook-for-all-java-app/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+yugatech+%28YugaTech%29 )

Has anyone tried this on smart?


  1. You're right. When I set myGlobe connect as my connection profile, the app doesn't work, yet I'm still being charged for the data.

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