Fusion Garage outs Grid 10 and Grid 4 with Grid OS (new tablet and phone)

Fusion Garage releases a new competitor on tablet (previously known as JooJoo project which we though was dead) and mobile phone market, the Grid 10 (10" display tablet) and Grid 4 (4" display mobile phone) using Grid OS.

GridOS user interface is fresh and intuitive. Its grid layout is fluid, easy to use and unique compared to any other device. User interface innovations extend across all its functionalities. Even the way you interact with a volume dial has been rethought and delivered.

What sets this device apart from the current market is that both the tablet and the mobile phone has buttonless design and uses Grid OS as the operating system. Grid OS is an Android kernel with Grid UI on top so basically android apps are compatible in these two devices as well.

Here is an overview of Grid 10, Grid 4 and Grid OS

Right now Grid 10 comes in 16 gb Wifi only (priced at $499) and 16 gb wifi + 3g (priced at $599). No information yet regarding the sale of Grid 4 mobile phone.

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