Smart LahatTxt unli 25 now has free mobile internet , shakes up Globe's SuperUnli All txt promo

Update : There is a new Unli25 promo of smart, visit this post

From the original Smart LAHATXT Unli  , Smart has able to come up with , for me personally (read on to know why), a better promo than Globe's Super Unli All text promo. Now why is it better for me, check out the difference

Unlimited Text to all networks
10 mins Smart to Smart calls
25mb consumable data
to register text LTU25 to 2266

Globe SuperUnliAllTxt

Unlimited Text to all networks
10 mins Globe to Globe calls
1hr mobile internet
to register text UALLPLUS25 to 8888

Actually it comes down on how you intend to use your mobile internet. For me,i use my mobile internet (the free time i get from promos) to check my social network account, if i will be using the mobile internet for extensive use I usually apply or register for Unlimited Data plans like SuperSurf 50.
Now since only usually visit (average 5.9kb website)  and a twitter client (average 2.58kb website) for each refresh of webpage, im just eating up a little portion of the 25mb limit for the day

* just an approximation since 1mb = 1024kb
** actual result depends on real world scenario

So technically, i can use free mobile internet whole day compared to Globe's 1 hour limit. But Globe is better if you want to stream videos and other heavy content information website. *cough engadget *

From Smart

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