Hihey Mobile not doing well lately, help me share posts again

As you can see from the graph above, I started this blog on the last day of Jan 2011 and it grew very fast  peaking on July 2011. It took a slight downturn during July - Sept because I became busy with my love life (yes i had one), but it was shortlived and didn't ended happily so I got back on track with blogging, getting a positive turn again by Oct 2011. But I became busy again with another stuff (online gaming) paving way for another downturn again for Hihey Mobile.

But what really made this blog took a sharp hit in pageviews is what i did on Nov 2. I changed the design BIG TIME. I wanted to give the blog a refreshed look, i was happy with new design, people loved the design , but the web  statistics says the internet did not like it :(

In just 1 day half of the visitors are gone. So I brought back the website to its original design, i cant afford to lose readers now. I want to get back to blogging again, but i also want a new sleeker look for the site. Maybe i'll just do that when i decided to change the domain name to www.HiheyMobile.com.

These are some of the tips of Mark from Techpinas when we met, and now i realize how true they are :
1. Keep on posting interesting stuff
2. Search engines hates changes in website designs

Expect to for exciting posts from now on. I'm thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia from UK to become first of the reviewers of that phone here in the Philippines. Let's see what happens.

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