Humor - Vangie : The Pinoy Siri [Siri Parody]

The video was created and uploaded by MacapunoSystem. Got intrigued by several re-post from Facebook so I decided to watch. Its' very humorous and truly pinoy. Watch the video below to see what is it to have a genuine Filipino virtual assistant on your iPhone.

Here are some funny comments from the youtube page as well:

"Paghaluhaluin mo lang yan, PASOK NA SA BANGA"... HAHAHAHAHAHA ANSAVEH? "LIKE!"
VANGIE call my girlfriend..GIRLFRIEND? WeeeEhhh?! soo funny..laughtrip Lol
seriously if the there would be a "vangie" in place of siri i would buy the new iphone in a snap...hahaha
Probably not even real, but that makes me want an Iphone 4s
More videos below

Video 2 : Checking local traffic

Video 3 : VanGPS
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