Unboxing of Apple iPhone 4s - Globe retail package (postpaid)

I just want to share to you guys some pictures of the iPhone 4s from being packed to its un-boxed state. I know there are already plenty of un-boxing posts on the internet but for the sake of un-boxing a Retail Package for Philippines, here you go (though honestly i don't think there's much difference with the packaging of the iPhone between countries).

by the way, this is from Globe on a postpaid plan. And to spoil the whole post, there's no free bumper case, or casing or key-chain or anything. just the plain phone and its default accessories.

Disclaimer: it was previously unboxed. I just put the items again inside the box for this "unboxing" LOL
So here is your typical iPhone 4s package , with its very minimalist and small profile packaging

inside, the phone is placed on top (haven't remove the screen protector yet)

When you remove the phone on top, you'll see a group of paper containing envelope behind it, and few accessories below the paper

Inside the box :  Earphones  , data cable, and charging adapter (wall socket)
the complete set  left-to-right, then top-to-botton:
inside the box - earphones, data cable, and wall socket charging adapter
the iPhone 4s itself
contents of the small envolope - apple stickers, Product information guide, quick start guide and an NTC approval


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