SMS exploit/hack and how to protect yourself

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Basically, the idea of the hack is that with proper tools, a certain person or lets say a hacker can change the "reply to" address while sending information is from someone you know. Hackers can use this method on varying ways ,to fool unaware users, like asking for account information by posing as bank , or a website administrator or a family member.

This hack is not only applicable to iPhone. According to apple, makers of iphone, every phone that uses sms is vulnerable to this exploit. Its a limitation of sms protocol and not iPhone's sms implementation only.

How do we protect ourselves?

Apple is urging its users to use iMessage instead but it will be difficult to do since not everyone is subscribe to mobile internet , and not everyone knows how to use iMessage.

A good and working solution or workaround for all cellphone user is :

If somebody asks for a sensitive information on text, call that person and double check if he is really asking for that info.Its better if you call that person using your phone's contact list instead of calling back to the number that appears on the text message. You can also use other medium of conversation to double check like facebook messenger, or IM chat, or BBM if you have it.

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Sun Broadband prepaid , 50 for 1 day unlimited, 100 for 3 days and 250 for 7 days

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You replenish your Sun Broadband load by using a prepaid card (as pictured above) or you may also send load by texting (LOAD CODE) space (number of Sun Broadband SIM) and send to 2292.

SBW50 send to 2292

Widget City is selling Asus Nexus 7 tablet for as low as P12,750

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Widget city is selling Asus Nexus 7 tablet for only P12,750 for the 8gb and P15,750 for the 16gb variant. It may not be able to compete with Kindle Fire that is currently selling for as low as 9k on different online sellers or listings here in the Philippines , but, it is still more powerful that kindle and is more cost effective for me to buy.

● Great performance
● Very affordable price
● Updated with the latest Android OS

● Low internal storage
● No expandable storage
● No rear camera
● QA issues

Here is an excerpt from Yugatech's review of Asus Nexus 7

"Google made a lot of cost-cutting on the Nexus 7 and may have rushed Asus to manufacture the tablet which resulted into some poor quality control. However, this type of hardware in a price category that’s not been heard of in any other branded tablet manufacturer, the Google Nexus 7 has made a huge step forward."
 - Yugatech

To read the full review here from Yugatech

High end android phones and iPhones are now free on Smart Unli data plan 2000

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High end devices such as iPhone 4s, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are now all free when you subscribe to Smart Unli Data plan 2000. Free meaning you dont have to cash out any amount to get the phones.

What does Unli Data Plan 2000 include?

Aside from unlimited mobile internet , it also includes 150 mins of calls and 200 free texts.

The catch? 30 month lock in period (2.5 years)

From Smart

Activate Sun Cellular SIM's internet , configure you phone

Two ways to do it:
1. Text ACTIVATE to 2300 (free service)
2. Call 200 using your Sun phone or 395-8000 via landline, and a customer service representative will assist you

You can also use this website from Sun to manually configure your handset click here