IPhone 4s battery state after 9 months of use

My phone's battery hardly last half a day after 9 months of use. I have to charge the phone atleast twice a day*.

These are the list of things i do on my phone on a daily basis:
- 8am , wake up with about 20% battery, use Flipboard to read news
- 8:30 , charge the phone while taking a bath
- 9am , leave home with around 30-40% battery, listen to music with my bluetooth headphone (and continue using flipboard while at MRT) till i arrive at office before 10am
- 10am , leave the phone on my desk with about 15-19% of battery, charging it till we go out of office for lunch
- 11:30am , take the phone at around 60%, leave office for lunch, CSR racing while waiting for elevator then FB/Twitter/Instagram/Flipboard while on the way to our lunch place
- 12:30pm, back at the office with about 35-45% of battery , occasional fb and twitter till around 5pm (i bring the phone out for merienda but i dont usually use it)

- 5pm , charge the phone again to 100% , usually by 6 ? 6:15 it is in full bars.
- 7pm , leave office with around 97-96% battery, of course its flipboard (some youtube streaming) and music on my bluetooth headphone till i get home which is around 8:15-8:30 (with about 65-75% battery
- 11pm , read some flipboard articles and play for a few mins before sleeping with about 50% battery

*with some short charging (about 30 mins-1hr charge time)
**Data, Location, Push notification is always on
***few texting and calling
****wifi at home, 3g when outside

There wasnt any increase in phone usage on my part, in terms of frequency of using the phone  . In fact, i even lessen the chances of using it compared on my first few months when im still very excited to explore and try many apps.

There are other factors also to consider ( and not only the decrease in battery life due to charge/discharge cycle) like :
- battery use may also have increase because of more apps using push notification
- additional mailbox that synchronizes on the server from time to time
- using apps that are not yet optimized for iOS
and more

Anyway, the point of this post is not to bash iPhone 4s' battery as low quality but rather to give idea to new iPhone (4s perhaps)  or interested users how the phone's battery lasts after several months.

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