Noble Nutlings now available on app store for Free

An extra boost is available each game
I was able to download and play Noble Nutlings today. It's not actually a racing game since you don't have any other cars (or carts) to race with. Or it maybe a racing game but in Time Attack/Trial mode. The goal is to collect nuts and reach the finish line at the fastest possible time. You can get 3 stars for the fastest time. You also earn coins that you can use to upgrade your cart.
On my screenshot above and below, you can see that i've upgraded my front wheels into a smaller diameter which has a faster acceleration but lower top speed from the default wheels (similar to my rear wheels)

You need to tilt your device to control how the cart leans which can be very helpful depending on the terrain. If you're going uphill, you should tilt the device to the right to avoid falling backwards. A different tilt is required when going downhill and you should be playing with the tilting when on the air to control your landing.

Download your copy now from Apps Store or iTunes

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