Waka Sleep Aid - a sleeping aid application for iOS

Screenshot of Waka Sleep Aid app for iOS
Made by Wakajaka ,an interactive game studio for toddlers, preschoolers and for people in general who wants a break from grown up world. Waka Sleep Aid claims that this app  can help in bringing toddlers or kids to sleep. They also said it can work with adults as well. I'd love to try this but it will take a while before my download will be finished. I will just update this post once i get to play around with these software.

Trouble sleeping? This application can bring the most upset toddler to sleep before you know it. Featuring an array of tried and tested, soothing sounds that will comfort and make sure the land of dreams is never too far away for any child. Developed by parents - for parents.

Download or get more information about Waka Sleep Aid on Itunes

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