GMESSAGE - Free messaging to globe, cheaper messaging to other networks

GMESSAGE app is a messaging app brought to us by Globe that gives us a way to send messages for free to other Globe Subscribers (that also uses GMESSAGE app) or a cheaper way to text other networks if you use GMESSAGE app.

  • Send GMESSAGES and Text messages in one application
  • GMESSAGE lets Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers to send free GMESSAGEs to other GMESSAGE users
  • Send cheaper text messages to non GMESSAGE users via text messages (this includes other networks) - P0.15 per message
  • GMESSAGE can share photos, videos, voice notes, and audio files
  • GMESSAGE can create group chats (up to 25 recipients)
  • GMESSAGE has "Magic Words" which can detect the context of a conversation and provide easy links to useful and relevant content such as Google Maps directions, a Wikipedia page or a YouTube video

My Plan is to replace the default messaging application of my iPhone 4s with this one since if in case I'm sending a message to someone using GMESSAGE I can take advantage of the free text. In case not, I can still take advantage of the cheaper charge of P0.15.

Here are some problems that some users reported:
- not all messages don't get through, especially the long ones
- there's no text (character) counter
- it has no copy paste feature (as of now)
- you can only see two lines while sending a text (it doesn't expand when u have a longer text) so it's difficult to edit when you have a mistake a few words back
- was also confused where and how to text people that aren't your contacts (apparently found in conversations thru blue bubble on upper right)

Download from iTunes
From Globe

Press Release below

Press Release

GMESSAGE, the first-of-its-kind instant messaging application developed by innovation leader Globe Telecom, is now available on the iPhone for free via the App Store, allowing more users to experience unlimited mobile messaging that supports both instant messaging and text messaging services.

GMESSAGE lets Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers send both free GMESSAGEs and text messages from one convenient application. Through GMESSAGE, users can send and receive unlimited messages with other GMESSAGE users anywhere in the world for free.

In addition, Globe subscribers can send GMESSAGEs to non-GMESSAGE users for only P0.15 per message. Non-GMESSAGE users will receive the message as a text message and replies will be charged with standard SMS rates.

With GMESSAGE, users can share photos, videos, voice notes, and audio files to make conversations more fun and interactive. In addition, users can initiate group chats with up to 25 recipients to expand conversations to more people. Finally, the app also incorporates an innovative technology called "Magic Words" which can detect the context of a conversation and provide easy links to useful and relevant content such as Google Maps directions, a Wikipedia page or a YouTube video.

Unlike over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Viber, GMESSAGE incorporates SMS as one of its main features. This means being able to experience the benefits of next-generation messaging by sending messages via SMS to friends even if they don't have a smartphone.

"With the availability of GMESSAGE on iOS, more Filipinos can now experience the benefits of this next-generation messaging service", said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom. "With GMESSAGE, we are upping the ante in instant messaging by providing users with a new, relevant, and exciting way to connect with each other. Text messaging is what our customers love and use most of all, so it is important that we continue to offer world-leading messaging services. We are confident that this service will add value to today's fast-paced lifestyle, making conversations easier and hassle-free."

Globe is the first operator in Asia to launch GMESSAGE in partnership with HDMessaging, a leader in mobile messaging services. It unveiled GMESSAGE as part of its roster of homegrown mobile applications to keep up with the growing demand for a richer mobile experience using mobile data. The other Globe Mobile Apps are GSERVICES, GCASH, and GMOVIES, all designed to suit the interests and lifestyle of today's smartphone owners.

To download GMESSAGE, visit on your handset browser or text GMESSAGE to 8888. Since GMESSAGE requires mobile data connection, subscribers are encouraged to get a Globe PowerSurf or SuperSurf plan for a worry-free mobile messaging experience anytime, anywhere.

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