Annoying iOS 7 problems i encounter on my iPhone 4s

I didnt encounter any issues during the update from iOS 6.1 to 7. In fact, the process was seamless and the only thing i can complain was the long installation time. 

Things change when the iOS 7 were installed on my phone. Here are the problems i have :

- occasional crashing of phone (suddenly restarts)
- some of my games are very laggy/unresponsive , dungeon hunter 4 to name one
- app crashes. Facebook, instagram, dungeon hunter 4, soundcloud, just crashes
- icloud back up keeps on asking for my credentials. Can't back up to icloud grom my phone directly
- toggle mobile data or edge vs 3g is not included in control center
- contacts gets deleted , i have to fix the icloud sync options everytime it happens (turning the sync option for contacts off then on), happened twice already

Will update this as i uncover more problems.

Hopefully these will be fix by an update as i have no time to tinker with my phone.

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