Unboxing photos of Nokia Lumia 1020 + Camera Grip Philippines

Look what I got :)

Read on to see the contents of the box.

So it comes with a quite large sliding box. And guess why the container is huge compared to most smartphone packages - a bundles camera grip :P

The camera grip comes with a Nokia lanyard, the Camera Grip itself and a set of instruction manual

This is how it looks like when Nokia Lumia 1020 is inserted on the grip (bottom side). You can see that there is a hole for fixing in tripod or mounts

This is how the camera grip and Lumia 1020 looks like when viewed upfront

Top side - you can see the physical shutter button (with red dot). The physical buttons of Lumia 1020 are also accessible except for it's own shutter button.

Back side view (camera side) - you can see the rubber grip

This is the whole set of Nokia Lumia 1020 + Camera Grip package being sold here in the Philippines. The contents are Charger + USB Cable, In-ear headset + interchangeable buds, Nokia Lumia 1020 Manual , Nokia Care booklet, Sim Card slot opening tool, the Camera Grip package (incl the lanyard and manual) and of course the Nokia Lumia 1020 unit. I chose the black over white. 

Sorry for the grainy photos. I'm using iPhone 4s to take pictures

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