How to fix LTE connection problem with Globe

LTE connection but not LTE speed

I always experience being connected to LTE using my iPhone 5s (or even my Nokia Lumia 1020) but the speed or latency is too slow to be able to use Facebook or other apps conveniently , or lets say noticeably slow. Even Speedtest app fails on start (the time after the application is opened and before the "Begin Test" button appears) due to "connection problems" so you can't even tell if its speed or ping/latency problem. I noticed that this kind of problem usually happens when the my connection frequently switches from LTE or 3g or Edge and then back to LTE .

Back to 3G

Disclaimer: I'm not even sure if this is the correct solution but it works for me so I guess its worth a try
To solve this kind of problem, what I do is to turn off LTE and just use 3g. You will see that the response time of web based applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Games will be quicker as to compared when on LTE.

And be patient too, this doesn't happen to me everyday but if it does, its a pain in my beautiful a**.

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