Smart's iPad Air and iPad Mini LTE Plan promo

An iPad Air 16gb 3g + Wifi when bought retails for P25,490. An Unlimited LTE broadband plan on Smart is P999 monthly. If this math is very much correct, if you get your iPad Air 16gb 3g + wifi and a Smart Broadband plan 999, you will be shelling out

P25,940 +  (P999 x 24 months) = P49,916 in a span of two years

But if you get the iPad plan from Smart

P1,924 x 24 months = P46,176. Thats about P3,740 of savings.

Plus the fact that you won't be paying any big amount. The cost is staggered for 24 months.

Not bad, not really really bad :)

With that savings, I could buy a portable wifi (LTE) from Huawei from other stores.. If I have money tho. HAHA

Promo is until May 25, 2014 only

From Smart

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