Fixed : Can't login to iMessage and FaceTime on Mac OSX

This was my case on the macbook I'm using for about a week. Been searching for ways on how to fix not being able to login to iMessage nor FaceTime on Mac. Saw a couple of thread that says "Fixed" or even "Resolved" with instructions like uninstall Adobe Flash as the update has conflict, or they even instructed me to do some tweaking on the settings. Yet none of them worked.

After days of thinking what could be wrong, I've realized that the problem is because my Time and Date settings is incorrect. Yep, that's just it.

The Fix
All you have to do is set your Mac's Time and Date settings to the correct one. After that, try logging in to your iMessage or FaceTime. 

Imagine, spent a lot of time tinkering the macbook pro and reading countless of websites promising a fix for the same Error Code that is being displayed only to find out a simple fix in Time and Date will be enough?

Epic Fail.

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