Important things that Apple announced on WWDC 2014 thats useful for us consumers

Dr Dre was welcomed to Apple by Craig using the Mac OSX Yosemite's feature that accepts calls and messages from iMessage :)

OSX 10.10 Yosemite

  • New Look - Flat design and translucent panels
  • Notification and Widgets - Today view is added , and you can install third parts apps and widgets to notification
  • Spotlight - you can now launch apps with just first few letters, browse documents (with preview) or search from wikipedia, apple maps, events and contacts
  • Safari - Now has centered url+search bar, added share button (much like from iOS)
  • Mail - made the syncing more reliable, can edit photos form within the mail app, big attachments that can't be accepted by other mail providers are now saved on MailDrop and a link to that file is instead included on the mail's body
  • iCloud Drive - dropbox like storage that sync on every apple device you have (+ windows), you can access the files too through your finder
  • Handoff Syncs - share work for your different apple device, you can start an email from your iPhone and finish it on you Mac
  • AirDrop Mac-to-iOS and vice versa - before you are only allowed to share iOS to iOS or Mac to Mac, now you can share from any apple device you have
  • Instant Hostpost - its now easier to connect to internet using your phone's connection
  • SMS & Phone Calls - you can now also accept phone calls using your Mac
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iOS 8
  • Interactive Notification - notification allows you to respond from within the notification bar  instead of opening the full application where the notification is coming from. This feature is also extended to applications that are not made by apple (like lets say Facebook and more)
  • Sportlight - is now extended beyond apps and contacts, it now returns search from iTunes , movies, wikipedia articles and even maps
  • keyboard - apple added QuickType which learns your typing habit, auto-complete is now much smarter and users are now allowed to install third party keyboards
  • Messages - now gets Audio and Video messages
  • iCloud Drive (see feature on Mac above)
  • Health Kit - app for tracking health and fitness data
  • Family Sharing - up to six member of the family can now share apps across devices as long as they share the same credit card information, calendars , reminders,  photos and find my friends are also shared
  • Photos - lets you edit and device from all the apple device you have
  • Siri - siri is now hands free, all you have to do is say "Hey, Siri" (like Google's "Ok, Google")

Thanks TheVerge for compiling a beautiful list (click the link for more information)

You can also WATCH the livestream in recorded format from this link (its almost 2 hours of presentation)

If you can't watch the full 2 hours of video, The Verge is kind enough to compress it into a 10 min video.

Apple will also offer the OSX Yosemite for public beta , if you want to experience it before everyone else - head over to

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