Sony Xperia M2 free on Smart All-in Plan 1200 ( Sony Xperia M2 vs Z2 )

Sony Xperia Z2 is the current flagship phone of Sony and it comes free on Plan 2000 from Smart. If you can't afford to buy it right now, you can still get a trimmed down version which is Xperia M2

What is the difference of Sony Xperia Z2 with M2 ?


  • Both have 3G and LTE
  • Using Micro SIM
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Speaker
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Expandable with Micro SD
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • MicroUSB (USB Host and USB OTG)
  • Accelerometer, proximity and compass
  • GPS


  • Z2 is bigger but thinner
  • M2 is lighter
  • Z2 is dustproof and water resistant
  • Z2 has a larger and more clearer screen (IPS LCD with 1080x1920px on 5.2" screen)
  • Z2 uses Triluminos display and X-reality Engine
  • Z2 is multi touch up to 10 fingers, M2 is only up to 4
  • Z2 has a Shatter proof glass too
  • Z2 supports up to 128gb of micro SD card while M2 is only up to 32gb
  • Z2 has 16gb of internal memory with 3gb of ram, M2 has only 8gb of internal memory and 1gb of ram
  • Z2 has way better camera with 20mp sensor and better optics, M2 has 8mp
  • Z2 can record video with up to 2160p of resolution at 30fps, M2 can only do 1080p
  • Z2 has a better front facing camera with 2.2mp, M2 has VGA
  • Z2 has faster processor
  • Z2 has faster graphics
  • Z2 has Gyroscope and Barometer
  • Z2 has a larger battery

Here is a link from GSM Arena to view the full specification

There is no doubt that Plan 2000 (with Z2) is a better value for money because of the inclusion of services (150 free texts and 150mins of free calls = P1.1k worth ) plus the fact that the Z2 is so much better phone. Just look at the advantages of Z2 over M2 on the list above. For 800 pesos more, you'll get 1.1k worth of cellphone credits plus all of the upgrades Z2 has to offer vs M2.  But going back to my introduction, if you don't need all of the added value and can live with the P205 consumable of All-in Plan 1200, is already enough. Like what I always remind my friends who ask me which device is better, if you can't maximize the feature don't get it. You are just wasting your money for features you don't use.

From Smart

Where to buy Sony Xperia M2 in the Philippines

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