Sun Cellular Regular Plan 450 is P450 per month for up to 101 hours of internet


SUN Broadband SIM only
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                Polaroid Diamond 7
DeviceSIM OnlyUSB ModemWiFi StickPocket WiFi3G Tablet
Holding PeriodNo holding period
Sun Cellular's Regular Plan 450 gives you 25 hours of free surfing and an additional P450 worth of consumable credits. After you use up the free 25 hours , you will be charged with P1.47/15 mins.

Now doing the math, P450 divided by P1.47 = 306 instances of 15 mins. 306 x 15 mins = 4591 total minutes. Lets convert it in hours. 4591 mins divided by 60 mins/hr = 76 hours and 30 mins. 

So, the plan 450 gives you as much as 101.5 hours of internet. Im not sure if you can also use the consumable credits for texting or calling. I thinks its possible. 

Ill update this post once i confirm that Anti Bill shock is also included in this plan.

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