No alternative for Directr on Windows Phone, yet

Directr is a great app for creating beautifully crafted but simple videos. It lacks all the powerful video editing qualities of another video creating software but what it provides is an easy way and easy to follow instruction on how to create videos depending on the event or purpose of your short clip. 
It's available on iOS and ive been playing it around on my iPhone 5s for quite sometime. It just sad that i cant do the same with my more imaging/video capable device , my Nokia Lumia 1020, because the software is not available on Windows Phone. Tried searching for some alternatives but i cant find any that is easy to use and at the same time free. And now that Directr is bought by Google , for Yourube, there is a very low chance that this nice app will go to Windows Phone 8.1. 

I hope Nokia / Microsoft come up with a similar app for amateur photographers like me.

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