Discounted iPad Mini 2 (retina) plus I luckily got a 3,000 pesos worth of freebie from beyond the box Philippines

We went to Eton Centris yesterday to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. We visited beyond the box store and inquire about iPad Mini. I was choosing between :

16gb iPad mini wifi - 15,490
16gb iPad mini with retina wifi - 20,990
16gb iPad mini with retina wifi + cellular - 26990

I recalled that these variants are cheaper on kimstore by 3000-4000 pesos but when I called them, they only accept straight payments with 6% surcharge. That's weird because if I remember it correctly, i saw from one of their websites that they are now accepting deferred payments with 0% interest. I know one officemate also who just bought one from them using a credit card in installment terms.

Anyway, I opt to buy using deferred payment since I don't have money on hand :P 

Beyond the box told me they currently have  2 promos, 
1) buy now pay later - buy now, installment payments will start 3 months after 
2) discounts for iPad mini retina with wifi and cellular - 3000-4000 pesos discounts (depending on variant) and a chance to win accessories

At first I was looking at the promo #1 since I don't really need a cellular iPad but the promo #2 seems very interesting and hard to pass.

promo is until Oct 31, 2014 only

I chose iPad mini retina wifi+cellular 16gb white and from P26,990 it was brought down to P23,990. Its still about 3000 pesos more expensive than iPad mini retina with wifi only BUT at least I can insert a smart sim card and register for daily free internet. I'll be using it only for Clash of Clans so i guess i'll be saving tons of battery life from my iPhone 5s since i don't need to use my hotspot anymore.

I also won an Urbanears Plattan headphones that is worth P2950. 

Plus it's my labidabs birthday :) What a great night :)

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