Xiaomi Mi Pad on Sun Cellular for as low as P699 monthly

Sun Cellular is offering Xiaomi Mi Pad for only P449 monthly on top of any postpaid plans. For comparison, Mi Pad at lazada is being sold for P10,999 (its the only official seller of Mi Pad as of this writing). That translates to P695 monthly for 24 months (using BDO or RCBC credit cards), which means you will be able to save a hundred pesos if you get the Mi Pad from Sun cellular.

But the fact that it should be included on any postpaid plan (as no prepaid kit is available yet) means you will be shelling out more money monthly. Yet, that doesn't mean its not a practice choice (continue reading)
image from mi.com
That being said, if you plan on connecting the device to a mobile internet service, getting it from Sun Cellular would be a better choice, since aside from being offered in 24 monthly installment, you are already subscribed to an internet service.

But if you plan on using only the device to connect on a wifi hotspot (wifi at home, office or if you already have a personal hotspot) and buying it in CASH - the better choice would be from Lazada. Getting the Mi Pad in installment payments is still better at Sun Cellular since you just need to add P50 and you already have the basic internet service you need

What does the P699 monthly includes ?

699 pesos monthly includes the Mi Pad at P449/month + P250/month postpaid plan.

Plan 250 has 700mb of  mobile internet usage. If you consume more than 700mb in a month, that will be charged on top of your plan at P5.00 ever 10 mb which i think is pretty expensive for bucket charging.

I suggest you just get the Plan 350 as its more cost effective.
image from sun cellular

If you want to know more about the plans being offered with Mi Pad, head on over to http://suncellular.com.ph/mipad

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