Pioneer Appradio mode stopped working IOS 11 update

I've updated my iPhone 6s today to iOS 11. I didn't experience any update issues along the way. The download was quick and the install is seamless. I've got to experience the new interface of iOS 11 without any problems throughout the day. That is, until after office when I get to the car..

I inserted the lightning cable from my Pioneer AVH-280bt head unit to the lightning port of my iPhone and it instantly activated my spotify playlist. Then as part of my routine is to open up Waze from either my phone or via the head unit's screen (yes, that is possible). On a normal, working day, Waze app should open on my phone and will subsequently be shown and controllable on my head unit's display. However, what happened is that the screen turned blank. Spotify is still playing in the background but my phone is already in AppRadio mode and yet the screen is still blank screen. Normal trouble shooting is to either:

  • disconnecct and reconnect lightning cable
  • close AppRadio / Waze app on iPhone and reopen again
  • turn off head unit, and then turn on again
Usually after trying any or a combination of the things listed above will solve the problem (yep I agree, that Pioneer AppRadio is such a pain to use sometimes). But this time, I failed to fix the problem. Then I remembered I recently updated to iOS 11. So opened safari and didn't some quick google search. Here is what i got

September 19th 2017

Dear Valued Pioneer Customer:

With the release of the new iOS 11 mobile operating system by Apple, Pioneer has discovered a compatibility with AppRadio Mode on certain Pioneer products.
If you connect an iPhone® or 5th or 6th generation iPod touch® device that has been updated to iOS 11 and launch AppRadio Mode, you may experience a blank screen or other display malfunctions that disables the AppRadio Mode feature.

To maintain compatibility with AppRadio Mode, please continue using iOS 10 or older with your iPhone or iPod touch. Pioneer is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will update this notice once firmware updates for the products are available. For further information, including affected Pioneer products, see this list.


So basically, there's an issue with AppRadio on iOS 11. I just can't think of any valid reason why a company like Pioneer who has already an access to developer versions of iOS 11 has failed to release an update to the AppRadio app prior to iOS 11 global launch. They should already have tested AppRadio on the pre-public release version and have enough time to fix any bugs before iOS 11 is release. This sucks but what we can do no is just wait for the AppRadio developers to do something on the application for us to be able to use it again.


I remembered, I still have iPhone 5s. Hope I dont forgot not to update it yet.

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