Sun Cellular WAIS is like creating your own plan on Prepaid with unlimited call and text for as low as P100

Sun Cellular offers WAIS promo that gives unlimited calls and text to fellow Sun Cellular subscriber for as low as 100 pesos and as long as 30 days. Furthermore, you can also add EXTRAs to the already practical subscription like :

  • Text to all networks for P50
  • Call to all networks for P50
  • IDD Calls for P50
  • Data (mobile internet) for P50 and P100

Basically, you can create your own plan while using a prepaid SIM Card. How cool, right?!
What you need to do is register a base plan first (WAIS100 or WAIS200) and then you can add extras on top of what the WAIS includes.

How to register

Just text WAIS100 or WAIS200 and send to 247

WAIS Offer Price Keyword Validity Inclusions
Wais 100 P100 WAIS100 15 days Unlimited Texts to Sun
Unlimited Calls to Sun
Wais 200 P200 WAIS200 30 days Unlimited Texts to Sun
Unlimited Calls to Sun
500 texts to Smart and TNT

How to add extras

If unlimited calls and text to other sun cellular subscribers is not enough, you can still add more
Just text the keyword and send to 247

Extra Price Keyword Validity Inclusions
Extra All-Net Texts 50 P50 EALTXT50 Depends on the base offer* Unlimited texts to all networks
Extra TRINET Calls 50 P50 ETCALL50 Unlimited calls to TRINET (Sun, Smart, and TNT)
Extra IDD Calls 50 P50 EICALL50 25 mins IDD Calls**
Extra Data 50 P50 EDATA50 1000MB (1GB)
Extra Data 100 P100 EDATA100 2000MB (2GB)

If you have questions, comment them below

From Sun Cellular

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