Huawei Nova 3i vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 mid range battle

So I recently got this question,

"Which should I buy between the two, Huawei Nova 3i or Mi Redmi Note 5?"

Before, when somebody asks a recommendation from me, I ask first what they need and what are their priorities. I then pick a shortlist of things that I believe will satisfy most of their considerations, point out the pros and cons of each and then let them choose between the those things. Today, I'll be doing it differently. I'll be the one choosing for a friend and my basis would be my own wants and needs.

Huawei Nova 3i vs Mi Redmi Note 5

I choose Huawei Nova 3i. Period.

That's quick. but why?

Reason why I like Nova 3i better. 

  • The phone is smaller and thinner but it got larger display. 6.3" vs 5.99". This means that Nova 3i has thinner bezel too because the screen to body ratio is better than Redmi Note 5
  • Lighter than Redmi Note 5 by 11 grams
I like sleek devices
  • Slightly better screen resolution 
  • Updated Android OS 8.1 
  • Nova 3i is utilizing big.little technology with its Kirin 710 shipset. So in theory it should have a better battery efficiency and can switch to high performance when needed. However, there's little data as of now to say that its actually overall better when compared to Redmi Note 5's snapdragon 636
  • Larger storage
  • Better camera quality both Main and Front facing cam
  • Its more expensive, but its newer so it should be more future proofed

If you like to see the comparison table, check out this link from GSMArena. (take note that the PH Version of Redmi Note 5 is using Snapdragon 636, but the GSMArena shows snapdragon 625. The 636 is the correct one)

BUT, since the Nova 3i is the newer phone with slightly better specs its expected that it will cost more than the Redmi Note 5. 
Right now, Nova 3i costs P15,990.00* and Redmi Note 5 costs  P11,490.00. That's a difference of P4,500. Even if Nova 3i comes with a free bluetooth speaker when you purchase it, some people will still think that the price difference is not justified. 


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