Warmux - a free platform game for S^3 and windows (worms clone)

image taken from pc4sy.com
WarMUX - free game, made in the image of Worms (worms are replaced by penguins, foxes and other pet projects of free and open source software). There are versions for Linux, * BSD, Mac OS X, Haiku, and Microsoft Windows. Each of the players, control your computer, you have chosen, you must destroy the other, using various weapons. Available to use different types of grenade launchers, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, dynamite, various types of grenades, mines, missiles SuperTux, rabid antelope, etc., as well as baseball bats and suicide. There are also several non-lethal weapons to help you move around the map, teleporters and rockets, balloons, etc.

Game play demo

Brought to us by Warmux

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