Most users care less about underlying changes of their phones OS. They just want a fresh look and experience - Symbian Belle UI hands on

I went to a party last week and i've met an old friend of mine who just bought a Nokia N8 and is just an ordinary phone user (not the techie ones). He asked me, "are there any upcoming updates" and i said, "yup. in fact i already downloaded a new revision of Symbian OS, name Anna". I showed him my phone and told him the changes. Do you know what he said?

"Ahh basta, turuan mo na lang ako kung paano yan ilagay next time" , in english "just instruct me how to install that update, pro'lly next time".

When i told him again, "And there is an upcoming update that will revamp the UI of symbian to match or become at par with android". That's the time he became excited. "Gusto ko nun , gusto ko nun. Meron na ba nun?" which means "I want that, i want that. Is it already out?".

That is a realization again for me, normal phone users don't care much about the changes going on with the operating system. Most of them just care about how the phone looks or the experience of the phone as they use it.

In fact there are also instances where in people borrows my phone , looks at it, and they feel like lost with the menus and apps (they're more familiar with android or iOS) - which is understandable. They look at symbian as ugly boring OS. They become amazed only once i show them what can i do with my phone such as

Advance things such as
Using camera on rainy days , macro shots , underwater pics and video
torrent downloading client
Wifi hotspot using Joikuspot application
Stream music using the built-in transmitter (helpful on old cars that only have radio receivers and no CD or MP3 player)
Edit pictures and videos on the phone itself
Watch videos on HDTV using the built it HDMI slot
Read usb storage devices using USB-on-the-go feature
Offline turn by turn mapping navigation with voice guidance [2]

Simpler things like
Power  a usb-fan

and more (by the way, my current phone is Nokia N8)

Anyway, just watch the demo of the newest upcoming update for Symbian, the symbian belle. Cheers

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