HP Pavilion Dm1 gets to 2nd generation with new design

Back in May 2011, we posted an article on why we selected HP dm1z as the laptop for our budget range and needs. In less than a year, another update on this fresh line of notebook is surfaces.

Here is an image of the new dm1 from engadget
Here is an image of the 1st gen dm1z

As you can see on the images above, there's a shift between a glossy plastic lid to a "SoftTouch -- a rubber coating that masks fingerprints and doesn't reflect light" (according to engadget).

 Getting the performance boost out of the way, it'll now be offered with an ultra-low voltage Core i3 processor, while the Fusion options now include the E-300 and E-450 chips (until now, it's been sold with the E-350). The AMD versions will start at $399 with the Core i3 model fetching $599 and up.- Engadget

With a better performance than the first gen and same price range, I think we are going to have another member of wifi devices at home once this baby gets loose. You can play games on this laptop :)

Check the post from Engadget

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